Miller Harris

I got something special.....

When I went to London and found this little shop in Covent garden, I didn't really know what to expect. Many perfume bottles,candles and bath and body products took my attention straight away.
A lovely lady who work there explained to me everything I needed to know about the brand and their products. After 5 minutes in this shop...I fell in love.....
Miller Harris create fragrances since 2000. They are using natural ingredients, brought from all over the world: orange flower from Tunisia, iris from Florence, jasmine from Egypt or sandalwood from the Pacifik. I had smell many of the perfume available there and I have to admit: I liked them all.
There is something very unique about these perfumes and I'm so excited about buying this gift set, containing 8 little samples of the most popular fragrances. It's perfect to try before you buy a full bottle of these perfumes.

Have a lovely day,

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